Monthly Archives: February 2011

Lamps, lamps and more lamps…

I love lamps, big ones, small ones, colourful ones, and especially the ones made in unusual materials. Continue reading

Accessories from Belle & Boo

Paper dolls, cut-out cards, activity books and beautiful tote bags… the Belle & Boo accessories will soon be online… Continue reading

I want one like that !

I absolutely love wool, anything made with wool, especially chunky wool. And you can’t really get chunkier than that: check out Chistien Meindertsma’s work… simply stunning. I love it

Absolutely and completely gorgeous !

Poppy* design and print their own fabrics in the UK. Each season their fabric illustrates another adventure of Poppy and Fred, a little girl and her dog. This season, Poppy goes to visit her great aunt Eva… They then make … Continue reading