Wooliehug coming very soon to One of a Kind

I’m very excited to announce the addition of a new designer to the One of a kind section of Bubble Tree House:

Wooliehugs are handmade crochet blankets made with acrylic wool, which is better wearing and can be machine washed, ideal for new parents as the blankets need to be washed quite a lot for your little one!

They come from an Irish designer called Gema: “Knitting & Crocheting have always been a part of my life, both my grandmothers were brilliant at knitting and made countless jumpers and woolie blankets for all their grandchildren. When I myself was pregnant with my first child my own mother taught me how to crochet and I have been doing it ever since, not only because I love the thrill of making something beautiful but also because of the joy I see in the faces of people who I give them to, My own son and his cousins are really attached to their wooliehug blankets, so much so I’ve had to make doubles for when one is in the wash!”

Gema is working on new models right now so keep an eye on the One of a Kind section for her latest designs…

I hope you will welcome this new addition with as much excitement as me!

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