Product test: Djeco creative kits

Yesterday we sat down to test two of our Djeco creative range products: Alice (4 years old) chose the “Discover colours – Hide & Seek” pack (recommended for ages 4-6) and Clare (7 years old) chose the “Workshop – Watercolour pencil” pack (recommended for ages 9-12)

Discover colours – Hide & Seek

What you get:

- 4 paint bottles (white, yellow, red and blue)
- 2 paint brushes
- an instruction leaflet
- 8 mixing colour cards (2 for each colour/design)
- 8 large pictures ( 2 of each design)

What you need to do:

- Mix two paints until you get the matching colour
- Paint parts of a picture with it

It seems a bit simple and I was a bit worried that the whole thing would take 5 minutes… but actually, between the opening of the box and discovering what was in it, the choosing of the picture (that part was quite short actually, Pink it was, always!), the mixing of colours until it was just right and the careful painting of the stripes while chatting with her sister, it took Alice 45 minutes to complete a picture. And that was enough for her, the concentration period of a 4-year old isn’t very long.

The result was amazing:

She was then very proud to hang it over her bed.

Workshop – Watercolour pencil

What you get:

- 12 watercolour pencils
- a paintbrush
- a glue stick
- an instruction leaflet
- 4 background pictures
- 6 precut element pictures

What you need to do:

- colour in each element as instructed in the booklet
- use the brush to create beautiful watercolour effects (fade, mix colours, dots, stripes…)
- detach the elements and put them together
- stick the elements to the background

It was quite challenging for Clare because she didn’t know anything about watercolours before she started. Once she tried all the different techniques, she couldn’t wait to make the second picture and then third and fourth. She loves it now and keeps using her pencils and brush for other projects.

We definitely recommend these kits for any children who like painting and colouring.
- ideal for the recommended ages,
- very clear step-by-step instructions,
- includes everything you need,
- great for teaching simple techniques,
- amazing result

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