Unusual rabbits

Check out these amazing bunny rabbits from “Innocent Chaos”:

I can’t decide if they’re cute or a little scary… maybe both!

Which one is your favourite? I absolutely love the beige one with the red writing…


So I’ve started a new project… That’s quite common with me to start millions and zillions of projects, some (ok a lot of them) never actually pass the stage of ideas but I like to keep myself busy and try new things…. Others end up in the corner of a desk (or under) and get forgotten about until one day, I clean up that area and laugh out loud at the idea I ever wanted to make that in the first place…

So anyway, I decided I wanted to know how to knit; I love things in wool so much, it’d be nice to be able to make my own things in wool. Plus I’ve been looking for a new scarf for a while now and I can’t find the right combination of material, shape, warmth and colour so I decided I would make it myself, exactly as I want it.

How hard can it be to make a scarf? It’s like the most basic thing you can knit so for once, I think I started with an achievable goal for my new project!

So I borrowed the needles and wool from a friend and got a flash course from her (literally flash course in my car after I met her for dinner one night… If anybody saw us, they must have thought we were crazy, knitting in a car at midnight…), but of course when I took out the wool 2 weeks later I couldn’t remember exactly how to start to I went online and watched a few tutorials. Problem is, I then started to watch more advanced stitches and beautiful things made by advanced knitters and I melted in front of my computer, thinking of everything I’ll be able to knit or crochet once I practice and get better at it…

Here are a few things I’d love to be able to make:

Back to my own project, that’s definitely out of my league for the moment… I’m not doing too bad actually, if I manage to concentrate on the knitting for over 5 minutes that is… that means no knitting when the girls are around because Clare wants to knit as well, Alice steals my needles or messes up with the wool… so it’s probably going to be a while before I get enough practice to be an expert… but I’ll keep you posted on my scarf project…

Eilis Boyle

Fabulous dresses from Eilis Boyle, a very talented fashion designer based in Ireland.

I just love them, they are absolutely amazing!

For more, visit her website.

Our light box

Sorry I haven’t been posting much for the past week, it’s been pretty busy around here…

I’ve added some new wallstickers to Bubble Tree House: stars, children, balloons, animals…

Isn’t that really cute?

And last weekend, we built a light box to take more pictures of the products. I like to have loads of pictures on the website so people can see what they’re buying.

The light box itself doesn’t look like much because it’s made out of a cardboard box but the resulting pictures are quite impressive.

It starts with a big cardboard box:

Then you cut out 3 windows:

Cover them with thin white fabric or plastic and add a white background:

You then put a light in front of each window, and the result is:

Quite impressive, don’t you think?

Lamps, lamps and more lamps…

I love lamps, big ones, small ones, colourful ones, and especially the ones made in unusual materials. In my collection, I currently have some made in glass, plastic (hard or soft), paper, felt, ceramic, fabric in many different colours.

Here are a few lamps I would like to add to my personal collection:

“One” table lamp from the HOLMEGAARD house in Denmark:

“Granny” pendant lamp designed by Pudelskern for Casamania:

“Comfort Lamp” from locker13:

Accessories from Belle & Boo

Paper dolls, cut-out cards, activity books and beautiful tote bags… the Belle & Boo accessories will soon be online…

I want one like that !

I absolutely love wool, anything made with wool, especially chunky wool.

And you can’t really get chunkier than that: check out Chistien Meindertsma’s work… simply stunning. I love it

Absolutely and completely gorgeous !

Poppy* design and print their own fabrics in the UK. Each season their fabric illustrates another adventure of Poppy and Fred, a little girl and her dog.

This season, Poppy goes to visit her great aunt Eva…

They then make them into beautiful dresses with elegant 30′s shapes… and many other things.

I wish I could be a little girl again…

January New Collections !

Belle and Boo First Meet
January is the month of new collections… Very exciting time!
I went to London earlier this month, to the Top Drawer trade show, to find new products for Bubble Tree House. There I met wonderful artists who make beautiful accessories for children in the UK. I was amazed by the quality and the originality of what I saw. The fact that a lot of products were also made in the UK and from organic or recyclable materials was even more impressive.
So keep an eye on the “What’s new?” section of the website because there will be a lot in there over the next few weeks.
Here is an example of a new product coming to Bubble Tree House soon: “Belle and Boo first meet” wallsticker from Belle & Boo.

Scalae’s blog


Here is a link to Scalae’s blog (sorry it’s in French) where you will find loads of pictures of what Laetitia is working on and other things she likes.

I’ve grown quite fond of Laetita while preparing this first collection for one of a kind. She’s very nice and her work is amazing in its detail and her love for what she does.


Here are a few things Laetitia made for Bubble Tree House’s One of a Kind: