One of a Kind is online

One of a Kind

After weeks of preparation, the new shop section for unique objects is finally online.

You will see it evolve in the next few weeks as we finalise the ideas we have.

I’m very excited about this new adventure for Bubble Tree House and I hope it will be successful as I would love to see lots of designers and artists appear in this section.

We’re starting with only one but I hope you’ll agree it is quite amazing.

Newsletter Winter 2010


We’re delighted to present our first newsletter! We haven’t been very active on that front for the moment but, as you can imagine for a new business, we’ve been quite busy with other things in the past year. The plan is to send one every quarter from now on so if you don’t receive one in 3 months, don’t hesitate to write and remind us… Also, we’ll be celebrating our first year on the web next month! This calls for celebration with competitions and prizes… Check out the homepage and Facebook for updates later on this month…

Thank you all for your support. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about what’s happening at Bubble Tree House. Don’t forget we’re always happy to hear from you so don’t hesitate to contact us at

Kind regards


Bubble Tree House

Wallpapers for children and teenagers

Coming soon…

Wallpapers are in and these collection will inspire you…

They will add a rich and elegant touch to your bedroom.

Don’t hesitate to mix and match the design and plain wallpapers to create the perfect effect, add depth or enlighten a corner.

Plus we will have a page dedicated to technical advice on how to calculate the number of rolls you need, the recommended equipment, how to hang the wallpaper, how to cut around plugs, etc.

Wallpaper panels

One panel to give the perfect tone.

Whether you put it on a wallpapered or painted wall, this panel will give that perfect finishing touch to your room.

Easy to apply, you glue the wall instead of the paper.

Coming Soon

Over the next few weeks, we will be bringing you A LOT of new products. From blackboards to rugs, from soft toys to bags, prepare to be amazed by all the wonderful things we have gathered especially for you.

Plastic Rugs ?!

Plastic rugs made on old traditional shuttle weaving looms in Sweden? Oh Yes ! And we love them. The colours are wonderful, the designs are inspired.

The perfect kid’s rug!

So soft under the small feet and long lasting thanks to the highest quality standards, they will be perfect for the bedroom or playroom because, wait for it… they go in the washing machine ! Ketchup on the carpet? No problem ! Just rinse it off or put it in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

Blackboards with an attitude !

Hang them, stick them or display them…

They are so cute they will inspire everybody to start drawing or writing. Use them to play hangman, leave a note to yourself, or even work on that exercise you need to solve…

Be careful though, some of them have their own personality!

You will love these two!

A little girl and a little boy who love to dress up and play. From Pirates to Rock stars, they will display all their outfits on cushions, bags, canvases and more… A beautiful collection that we can’t wait to show you!

These are a few examples of what is coming soon to Bubble Tree House, but we have a few surprises we are keeping up our sleeve… so stay tuned!

The stock is in !

We received all the stock last week. How
beautiful! Each item is cuter than the last. I love everything!

I must say I was also quite impressed with the quality of
the packaging; which means we won’t have problems of in-transit damages for
future orders. That’s great because it’s never pleasant to receive something
damaged, even if you get a replacement, it’s still annoying.

The girls wanted to keep all the stock for their bedroom and
I must admit I wanted to too! I wanted to open everything :)

We took out one Castle(decorative cardboard toy that you
make, paint and then play with). It was quite easy to make once you’ve figured
out the first tower. It’s quite sturdy too: Alice tripped on it and it was

It’s the perfect size for Lego or Playmobil characters.

Clare is now decorating it. She drew some little characters
on the towers, added some stickers (there is now a dinosaur guarding an
entrance to the Castle !) and coloured one side. Here are a few pictures; I’ll
post more once it’s finished.

Late Christmas Shopping

We know the feeling…
and we’re here to help. So seat back and relax:

If you already have a rough idea of what you want to buy, you can browse by product categories on the top left.

If you have no idea yet, don’t panic! You can search by Price and even by Colour on the bottom left. That should do it.

Once you have found the perfect gift, we will wrap it up for you and send it directly to the person you want, for no extra cost!

It’s simple:

  • Make sure the product is available in stock in the product page
  • Fill in the delivery address, different from your billing address
  • Add “present” in the special instructions box at the check out so we’ll know we have to wrap it up for you

There you go!
Now take your time and browse the shop… but remember that if you want delivery before Christmas, the order has to be in by the 18th. Otherwise, it might arrive afterwards…

A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

A cheap way to brighten up a room and give it a unique touch
is… PAINT! It seems so obvious and simple but there are endless possibilities
with paint! Either paint the whole room, or just a wall or two… You can even
create your own décor! You don’t need to be Picasso to paint simple shapes that
will turn your playroom into a meadow or an aquarium! And look at all the
colours available from any DIY store….

For older children, the paint can be used to highlight an
area where they hang their pictures. You can use magnetic paint or blackboard
paint too…

The great thing is that, whatever their age, you can get the
children involved in the process. They will love being part of this family
project and making their own room special.

Few tips:

  • use tape around the edges of doors and windows,
  • ceiling and floor (you can also use it to make straight lines)
  • put a plastic sheet on the floor to collect droplets of paint
  • cut out a sponge if you want to repeat a small shape several times (for example a star)
  • to make a perfect circle, use a pin, a string and a pencil


I am delighted to start this blog which I will try and update as often as possible with information about Bubble Tree House, updates on new products and suppliers, tips and design ideas and much more.
I think I should start by telling you a little bit about me. Balloons
My name is Veronique and I am the founder of Bubble Tree House. I have two daughters, Clare who will be 5 next month and Alice who is just 2. The idea for this website came to me after redecorating their bedroom because I found it very hard to find things that I liked for their bedroom. I was looking for something different than the pink princesses and butterflies made in China but I didn’t want to break the bank either. Kind of what you find in Ikea (I was delighted when they opened their shop in Dublin): playful, quality, safe for children, cheap and just different! It was easy to find very nice things when they were babies but for some reason, the choice is very limited for toddlers and young children in Ireland.
I have tried and found different products that are made in EU countries (Ireland of course but also France, UK, Spain, Denmark, etc.) by designers, in their workshop, for children. I want products that will be colourful and playful but also develop children taste and imagination. When I look at some of them, I wish sometimes that I was still 8 years old ;)
The website will start with a selection of decoration accessories for children: wall stickers, wall hooks, bags, lamps, bean bags… and I will keep adding more and more products to it. Then there will be a section for  teenagers and one for adults. There are so many beautiful accessories out there, I am looking forward to bring them to you. Here are a few examples of the products that will be on the website:
So if you share my passion for design and my admiration for talent, climb into the Bubble Tree house !